A game distributed by the same company as Friday the 13th, but one with more music. Only the title and final confrontation music use material from the film soundtracks, the rest is all new music. There were, after all, no scenes of bombing jellyfish from an airplane in the movies. This is a game I’ve enjoyed to play since renting it from the drugstore in elementary school. Later in life, I set a fastest-completion time in 2006 which was included in Guinness World Records – Gamer’s Edition for 2009.


from Cosmic Shark Party, released March 21, 2015




kareshi Richmond, Virginia

Kareshi is a pianist and NES lover based in Richmond, VA.

He has been playing piano for 20 years and arranging video game music since 2004.

He is active on Twitch (the_kareshi) broadcasting piano and NES games.
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