Monster Party Ballad

from by kareshi



The music to the password screen in the NES game Monster Party is based on a harmonic progression which lends itself well to a piano ballad. The original game tune opens the ballad, then there are three verses with my own melodies. Writing lyrics which follow the plot of the game was a device to create an interesting vocal melody, and was a good compositional exercise. Along the way are references to the music from stages 3 and 5.

||: G D/F# Em G/D C G/B Am D :||


Once upon a time, not long ago, there was a boy called Mark.
He was walking home from baseball one day when he looked up into the sky.
There was a star, it was bright and beautiful, which suddenly began to fall.
It landed right in front of the boy. It was no star, it was a monster!
The monster said, “My name is Bert, and I need your help.
My home planet has been invaded, will you help me fight them?”
Mark said, “I don’t know what I can do. I don’t have anything to fight with!”
Bert said, “That baseball bat will do just fine. Now take my hand and let’s fly away!”
Bert and Mark flew to space, then they arrived at the monster planet.
They beat the bad ones and saved the world! Then, Mark woke up in his bed.
Perhaps it was all a dream. There’s no such thing as monsters anyway-
But when he went outside, Bert was standing there. He looked at Mark and said, “Let’s go again!”


from Cosmic Shark Party, released March 21, 2015




kareshi Richmond, Virginia

Kareshi is a pianist and NES lover based in Richmond, VA.

He has been playing piano for 20 years and arranging video game music since 2004.

He is active on Twitch (the_kareshi) broadcasting piano and NES games.
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